Rating the AAF’s Inaugural Uniforms

Starter®️will be the official sponsor for all AAF uniforms. 

In only two short months, we will watch the Miami Dolphins take on the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl 53… just kidding obviously, it’ll be the New Orleans Saints. Again kidding. However, once Pat Mahomes is done getting revenge on the Golden Boy Jared Goff, the inaugural season for the Alliance of American Football will begin.  And when it does, players will be decked out in uniforms provided by Starter; yes, Starter is some how cool again, but I’m a 90s baby so I kind of like it. I’ve taken the luxury of ranking these new unis for all you jersey heads; heres my top 8 AAF inaugural uniforms.

8. Atlanta Legends 


We begin with the Atlanta Legends; which is by far the weakest team name of all 8 organizations. This GTA 5 clothing store knock off sports team t-shirt-looking design just doesn’t do the dirty south justice. I just feel in this era of crazy football uniforms, you have to do better than this. However its not all bad, the helmet looks clean and I like the football in the crown. Obviously not my favorite; especially when you compare it to the Atlanta Falcons unis.

7. Birmingham Iron


Moving along we find ourselves in everyones favorite vacation spot, Birmingham, where the Iron will play in arguably the most boring uniforms ever created. All-black is always a good look for football teams, but this is over kill. Black and silver, instantly your mind said “Oakland Raiders”. So why not at least add some designs to separate yourself?! However, the “B” inside of the silver football shield is fire. It should be on the helmet, which is all black with an awkward silver stripe.   

6. San Antonio Commanders


Our next team comes from the lone-star state, so it’s fitting that the San Antonio Commanders have one in their well-designed logo. These kits aren’t terrible by any means, in fact they’re actually pretty clean. I love the the logo but not a big fan of the maroon/red color combo. However it is unique, and the contrast of both colors on the helmet look really good. The only other knock on these unis, is the fact that from the neck down they look very similar to the Arizona Cardinals. These are the last of the “basic b****” uniforms. 

5. Salt Lake Stallions 


From this point on, I believe all of the remaining uniforms, logos, and helmets are actually quite beautiful. Still unclear if the Stallions’ helmet is white or silver, but either way it is absolute flames. Incorporating a piece of the logo always looks good on a helmet; ie the Philadelphia Eagles. Combine that with a classic color way of light blue and royal blue, and you have a top-notch uniform. The only con would be the silver jersey, it would make a nice alternate top, but I would prefer a darker color for home uniforms. 

4. San Diego Fleet


In the famous words of Ron Burgundy; “Go *#^$ yourself San Diego.” But in all seriousness, San Diegans who were heart broken when their Bolts moved down the street to LA, can now cheer on the San Diego Fleet! The name is eh, but no doubt the uniforms and logo look amazing. The entire kit looks unique and well balanced. The contrasting light grey with dark grey pair perfectly with the mustard yellow. The only downside in my opinion, is the fact that the helmet has a little too much going on. 

3. Orlando Apollos 


Making it into my top 3, the Orlando Apollos sport an almost old school Golden State Warriors look. The dark blue, orange and light orange complement each other perfectly. And this is even more evident when observing the helmet; which pretty much is the reason I ranked them so high. The only white jersey released for all AAF teams, has a perfect balance of blue and an orange accent. It has a Denver Broncos look, which would be it’s only negative, but the logo and helmet support a great and classic uni. 

2. Arizona Hotshots


If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you know how beautiful it is there; assuming you had access to central air conditioning. AZ is one of my favorite states and these unis are also one of my favorites. They score an A+ for originality, and the Hotshots have, in my opinion, the best logo in all of the AAF. The color way of yellow, green, and burnt orange oddly capture the feel of being in the desert. It pays homage to the brave firefighters who serve their community while giving off an intimidating look. The helmet is flawless and the unis flow beautifully, even with a less than desirable pallet of colors

1. Memphis Express


Finishing off my top 8 with the patriotic Memphis Express. Red and blue maybe the most overused color way, but with a beautiful gradient and logo placement on the helmet, the Express separate themselves from the pack. The heavy white outline around the fighter jet captures your attention instantly. And the clean but simple design on the jersey and pants tie everything together for a perfect look. I don’t love the “E” logo, which would be my only complaint, but other than that; straight flames. 

Every teams’ inaugural jersey is available for purchase in the link below….


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